2nd Location Now Open!

We are now booking music lessons at our 2nd location, located at 108-420 Des Meurons.

-4 & 6 week intro courses
-Intro into School Band programs

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Now’s the time to book for September!

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*Amazing Music Classes for All Ages!!!

• Summer Classes Start July 03!!
• July & August music Programs
• 4 & 6 week music intro programs (find the instrument that’s right for you, try a different instrument every week!)
• Intro to School Band programs (be ready by September)

• Enthusiastic Instructors, Positive, Energetic, Inspiring
• Preschooler Programs, (ages: 3-5)
• Comprehensive Music Programs
• Audio, Visual and Kinesthetic Teaching Aids
• Scholarship and Performance Opportunities for all Ages
• We Invest in Your Education and Future
• Musical reports 3 times a year
• Groove Academy – Rock Bands

• Any age
• All skill levels
• All Styles

Providing Music Lessons In:

• Piano
• Guitar
• Vocals
• Violin
• Drums
• Woodwinds, (clarinet, sax, flute…)
• Bass Guitar
• Percussion (school band and hand percussion)
• Brass, (trombone, trumpet….)
• Music Theory


School Band Preparation Programs!! (Successfully preparing students for school band since 2001).
School Band & Jazz Band Prep Courses.

We Inspire All Students to Excel and Have Fun!!

• Recitals, Festivals, Competitions, Workshops, (all optional)
• Scholarship Funds!! (All students are eligible!!)
• Children’s Tax Credit
• High school credit program

Have Your Children:
• Gain More Confidence
• Achieve More
• Get Better School Grades
• Build Self-Esteem
• Build Social Skills
• Learn to Focus on Specific Goals
• Love to be Challenged

In-Home & In-Studio Music Lessons!!

Students will receive a Custom Curriculum from Beginner to Advanced, with the option of one on one or group lessons. We also offer you the choice of In-Studio or In-Home lessons. Students will have the opportunity to perform locally, nationally and internationally, along with being provided many scholarship opportunities throughout the year. All of our instructors are super energetic, positive and are passionate about what they do.



Why Finding the Right Music Instructor Matters


Why Finding the Right Music Instructor Matters

Choosing to enroll your child in music education expands their life in a multitude of ways. From developing musically, gaining meaningful relationships, and increasing confidence, music lessons can enrich a child’s happiness, and overall well-being. These positive developments result from a great learning environment, created by the right teacher. As instructors of music specialize in different genres, come from various backgrounds, and have different teaching methods, finding the right music instructor for your child is key to their success in any music program.

Create a Healthy and Respectful Relationship

The right teacher for your child should be able to cultivate a healthy and trusting relationship, right out of the gate. Entering any sort of class for the first time can be a daunting experience for a child, so a teacher should be welcoming and thoughtful of the child’s needs. Musicians are passionate individuals, and this passion and enthusiasm flows into their teaching, as well. Children can pick up on people’s personalities rather quickly, and their gut feeling will tell them whether they are comfortable, or not.

Develop Skills

When learning any new skill, there will always be difficult criticisms that must be communicated in order for a student to improve. A good teacher will be able to point out these weak points or errors, without being harsh. Successful music teachers believe in encouragement, and the power of kindness in any learning situation. These characteristics and skills help instructors to focus on a child’s abilities, and inspire them to continue practicing and developing their musical abilities. Using innovative teaching methods, targeted for each student’s individual learning style, music educators work to help students improve at their own rate, towards their desired outcome.

How to Find the Right Instructor

Finding the right instructor for your child will come from effectively communicating with potential educators, and asking the right questions. Speak thoroughly with potential instructors before enrollment, and ask relevant questions, such as:

• Are you accommodating to different learning styles?
• Can you help my child find the right instrument?
• Do you instruct the style of music that my child is interested in?
• Which ages do you generally teach?
• What sort of programs do you, or the school, offer?

Just because a music instructor has a music related degree, does not necessarily mean that they will be a good teacher. More likely, good teachers will have great people skills, a wide range of experiences, exposure to a variety of instruments and musical styles, and work in collaboration with other musicians.

When a student is entering a music instruction program for the first time, teachers should take the time to discuss their interests and goals, to find the right instrument for them. Many instructors will offer the opportunity for beginners to try out different instruments so they can get a feel for what instruments best suits their personality and is easiest to express themselves through.

The instructors at Groove Academy – School of Music in Winnipeg, MB possess both the experience, and the skill set, necessary to provide students of all ages with a successful musical education. With a wide-range of beginner programs, like guitar, vocal, violin, and woodwinds, Groove Academy strives to inspire all students to practice and learn to the best of their abilities. For more information on beginner programs that Groove Academy – School of Music offers, visit them online or call 204-254-2184.

Tips When Looking For Piano Lessons

 7 Reasons To Join A Well-Established Music School

Groove Academy now Offers

  1. You don’t have to waste time driving around interviewing piano teachers, they’ve done all the pre-hiring for you
  2. Piano Lesson – programs are already created, and are structured to get the most out of each student
  3. Multiple piano teachers are on staff to choose from, that cater to each student’s personality, and style of music they wish to study
  4. Multiple performance opportunities for all students
  5. Each classroom is filled with teaching aids, piano books, supplies and the latest in technology
  6. Audio, visual and kinesthetic aids, catering to how a student learns best, making learning the piano a lot more fun!!
  7. Piano teachers will have teaching experience and stage experience
Instead of taking music lessons from a music instrument store that happens to offer lessons….The benefit of taking music lessons from a music school……We specialize in music education.

Piano for Preschoolers Program!!

Groove Academy pianoGroove Academy – School of Music’s “Piano for Preschoolers” starts again this September.  Although the program runs all year round, staring early is recommended.


This program is intended for children between the ages of 3 -5.  All lessons are “one on one”, giving your child the utmost undivided attention.  Because each child learns differently, Groove Academy – School of Music uses audio, visual and kinesthetic aids, catering to how your child learns best.

Our “Piano for Preschoolers program” will have your child creating rhythms, discovering sounds, enjoying music through performance, movement, all along learning how to read, spell, write out and identify note names, musical terms……All at their own pace!!

As always, prime spots Fill up FAST.  Book your spot today!!